07747 042320 phil@eighteagle.co.uk

First Steps

The last thing I want to do is waste any of your valuable time. So, email me at phil@eighteagle.co.uk outlining your objectives and the guidance you need. No charge and no obligation whatsoever. 

To help I will need to know your specific objectives. The market you operate in. A profile of your ideal customer and a brief description of your current marketing activity.

How I Work

Until I know specifically what you are trying to achieve, what you have tried to date, the market you operate in, your target customers and the challenges you face there is little I can do to help.

If you know where your business sits in the marketplace and specifically what you need, that’s great. Call me on 07747 042320 or email phil@eighteagle.co.uk and let’s get started. I only work with a few clients each month (HERE’s WHY) so each client receives the appropriate attention.

If you need help then download my free guide on positioning your business for success. Work through the guide, put a plan in place, then we can talk about the best way to promote your business. If you need help with the plan I can help with that too.

I don’t sub-contract. If there is something you need and I don’t have the expertise I will recommend a supplier and you can engage them directly. Of course, you could also find a supplier for yourself. Once they are in place I will work with them to integrate their service into an overall solution.

How I Cost

I take an activity. I take the average U.K salary for that activity and work out the hourly rate. I calculate how long it will take me to deliver the service and multiply it by the hourly rate. I repeat this exercise for other activities I need to complete in a given month and arrive at an overall cost.

I then add a sum for fixed costs (heat, light, broadband, insurance etc) but as I share a small office these costs are low. I add something for employment (that’s me) costs. Finally, I add something for cost of sales. 

What does all this mean to you? It depends on the mix of services you need. I usually cost significantly less than a traditional marketing agency.

You don’t have to support a full-time employee, you pay only for what you need and you can switch off services whenever you like. You don’t have any ongoing employment or recruitment costs.