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Customer Retention Process.

Keep customers coming back for more. Get More From Existing Customers.

Customer retention is key for small businesses in B2B markets. Make your website a resource centre customers will keep coming back to. Reach out to customers and keep them engaged.

A few hours of marketing and content development help each month could make a big difference.

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For a no cost, no obligation review of your customer retention process complete the contact form with some brief details of the challenges you face and I will be in touch. Or call me on 07747 042320

I work with manufacturing, B2B services and technology businesses based in North East England. Most of my clients employ between 5 and 30 people.

Sell more to existing customers and keep existing customers for longer.  I can help with:


Market analysis.

Customer retention strategy.

Content strategy.

Retention process development.

Key messages development.




CRM and database management

EMail marketing

Chat setup and development.

Social media delivery.

Google Analytics.




Articles, Guides and Blog posts.


FAQ and resources pages.

Website updates*




I cannot help with ecommerce type sites, Read more about how I work HERE

* Assuming website is WordPress and you have the relevant login details.

I worked in marketing and business development for manufacturing and technology businesses for over fifteen years before going freelance in 2008.  You can read more about me HERE.

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I will deliver upto two hours of free support to help you put a customer retention process in place. Complete the contact box above with the word “Trial” to apply.


 Call 07747 042320 or email phil@eighteagle.co.uk. Let’s see if I can help.